Getting Started


    This is also true, when entering into a new business area.

    You need thorough knowledge of the market, the products, the technologies, the competitors - and you need also to invest in training of your personnel, marketing and sales, and not least stock. These factors take years, extensive investments and a lot of effort to achieve. Therefore we urge you to enter the RE Integrator Program, which offers you a complete Getting-Started-Kit in order to prepare you and your business for entering the market of robotics. The RE Integrator Program is your short cut to growing your company without putting the rest of your business at risk.


    • Kick off meeting in Denmark for sales personnel and technical staff (1 day/3-4 persons)
    • Training of 1 robotics programmer at our training centre in Denmark (2 days)
    • Marketing kit with brochures, sales documentation, case stories, video clips, and gadgets
    • Access - with unique username and password - to our on-line stock of robots and spareparts
    • Access to free download of all technical documentation (user's manuals, service manuals, etc.)
    • Access to free download of brochures and other sales supporting material
    • Free e-mail and telephone support during the development and installation of the first robotics project

    The Getting-Started-Kit is offered for free to all RE Integrators, who have entered a RE Integrator Contract (exclusive of travel expenses and accommodation).

    Becomming an RE Integrator implies that you will have our continuous attention. We will keep on supporting you in order to help you develop and maintain your robotics business.